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Friday, September 03, 2004
  Be Back Soon...

I have not disappeared, nor I have given up. My case is pending at the State's Supreme Court level and has been, since February. (yes, he ended up in JAIL for failing to pay what he was ordered to) That is why I have not posted due to the search engines showing this blog as Number one hit for Ex Husband and anything associated with Ex...

There will be lots to post in the future or perhaps in the mean time I will post your stories. Email me and tell me of your battles to get the dead beat to pay... No matter if ex husband or ex wife that is not paying.

Be Back Soon. 
Sunday, December 07, 2003
  Not much time right now either...

He has been consistently behind in paying his support and the ordered arrearages... but we are not surprised. Anyway as of Friday, Dec. 5th, he is $613.50 behind.

The court date for the motion to enter the orders (from the Court date on Sept. 3rd) was Friday, Dec, 5th. And why did we have to have a court date, cause he wouldn't agree to sign the papers, telling my attorney that he thought the judge said $100 extra a month, not a week....

right.... since that would take 25 years to pay off the arrears, sure Ex-idiot, I really do think he has gotten alot dumber since our divorce... since I am sure I would never have married him if he was... (humor, okay to laugh)

Anyway, he didn't show up.... so the auxillary court judge asked a few questions and signed the order... and my attorney filed another "whatever it's called" to suspend his "don't go to jail card"....

I know I am not using the right legalize to describe this process but I have a tree to decorate and cards to make and a movie to watch with my lovely kiddo.

Next court date, Dec. 16th... I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, December 06, 2003
  Uh Oh

No time to update till I get back, sorry... the Ex is not in jail, yet... check back around 10 pm CST 
Friday, November 07, 2003
  definitely a pattern

Payment posted at CS office on Nov. 4th, postmarked Nov. 5th. received Nov. 6th.... and the bank almost wasn't going to cash it on the 7th... Apparently this bank teller didn't already know the drill ... "Go check with Amy"

The Bank cashed it.. I don't even bother checking his balance anymore.

If you want to know how to check your Ex's bank account ... Email me.
Thursday, October 30, 2003
  A pattern emerges

Yes, the payment was posted at the CS office on Tues, Oct. 28... now he must of got it there after the mail had been picked up as the postmark was the 29th, which means I received it on Thurs, the 30th....

Almost a full week from when it was due.... and guess what!!

Instead of a money order is was a personal check... now if he was going to write a check... why in the world didn't he just turn it in on the 24th?

Monday, October 27, 2003
  I knew you were making more money than you were putting in the bank...

On October 21, after 3 pm, a payment was registered with the CS office.

I received a money order for the amount due on the 17th, in my mailbox on Thursday October 23 from a bank in a little town we used to live in when we first married. That bank now has a branch about 2-3 miles from his house. SO at least I know he is making money and putting it somewhere.

Now for the payment due on October 24th....
A) he paid it on time
B) he didn't pay it
C) he still hasn't paid it

The correct answer is C... but you knew that, didn't you?

I'm beginning to think he likes the color of orange for his new wardrobe as this is just a beginning of him thinking he can pay whenever he wants.

And speaking of beginnings, a writer for a national women's magazine emailed me to see if I would do a phone interview for an article on "starter" husbands.

I laughed about the idea of a "starter" husband for hours.... I still think that is hilarious... maybe that was the problem, I needed a jump to get him "started", but as my new word for "first" husband, I love it.

I called her, she checked out, we laughed, had a good time... Hopefully I made sense, as I tend to wander at times...

Be on the newstands next year... Keep those emails coming as I am getting answers to you as fast as I can... If you are in North Texas let me know. My Attorney now has a web site where you can contact her directly.
Tuesday, October 21, 2003
  Will this ever end

Just when I think I can concentrate this blog for the good of others... I still have to keep messing with my own issues.

The Ex's bank keeps cashing his checks to keep him out of jail... he had a little talk with his account manager... so that should not be the problem. (as of today he is only $300 and something in the hole)

Friday, Oct 17, was the first Friday that I have not called the automated "check for payment" number at the Child Support Office.... No check on Saturday, checked the status then... No payment since 10/10 .... just now called again and still no payment posted... GRRRR

You think his wife would call if he died? .... I am not calling him... I am not calling him... I am not calling him....

His not paying is such a CONTROL ISSUE with him....

On a postive note... I will be linking to several good sites with child support collection info... very soon.

Don't give up...your kids deserve what they are owed!!!

The continuing saga of one mother's fight to collect child support. And I really need it NOW, to keep the farm from being sold for back property taxes. Deadbeat Dads should be in jail.

FYI... I only check this mail once or twice a week... please be patient. Thank you


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